Shrines of Eastern Canada - ARF-Québec
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Shrines of Eastern Canada

Looking for a religious adventure ? We will start at the Oratory Saint Joseph, at Mountain Royal.  This was built by Brother Andrew.  The overwhelming, beautiful architecture and the way of the cross prepares us to begin our pilgrimage. The Shrine of Our Lady du Cap, in Three Rivers, invites prayer. Also in Quebec, at the Basilica de Beaupre,  we find St. Anne, mother of the Virgin Mary, venerated for 350 years. Finally we arrive at the hermitage of San Antonio, on Lake Bouchette, where nature allows us to feel the hand of God in our lives.


Visit the following shrines :
National Shrine of the Holy Martyrs (on request only), St Joseph’s Oratory, Shrine of Our Lady of the Cape, Hermitage Saint-Antoine, and St. Anne de Beaupre

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Manuel Cerrud, Directeur
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Montréal, Trois-Rivière, Québec, Lac-Bouchette

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